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Long gone are the days of blindly doing as you’ve been asked by your boss/teacher/parent, and for me, that can’t be seen as anything other than positive. People now need to feel that they are respected and appreciated. This allows staff to know that the instructions they are given are fair. In my time managing people I have always been aware of what my staff or colleagues are contributing. Without them, there is no work, no job and no service. This makes staff welfare and happiness one of our most important goals.

Understanding Value

I have been fortunate during my time as a manager and director to have worked with fantastic people. I consider many of them to be friends. Understanding the value that the people around you provide has always been of the utmost importance to me. This continues now as one of the owners of Viking Staffing and Events. Without my team and staff, I am just a man, standing on a bar, unable to provide even the most basic of services. Without them our company cannot even exist.

To ensure that our staff understand their value there are several core beliefs that I and the company ascribe to.

Fair Pay

All our staff are paid well above the living wage and are paid the same regardless of age. There is no reason for an 18 year old to be paid any less than others when completing the same role. And as the saying goes: minimum wage, minimum effort.

Staff Welfare

We ensure that all staff are fed during their shifts and receive the correct breaks. One of my personal policies is that I will not eat until all my staff have done so. There is no space in our industry to treat people like machines who will work without rest or food. Working in this type of environment is a key reason that Jess and I went into business for ourselves.

Learning names

Throughout my career as a bar manager, I have always put high priority on knowing the names of the staff on my bar. This has become even more important to me now that I have people that I am employing directly. While it can be a challenge to learn more than 100 names at an event, I feel that this simple gesture reminds my colleagues that I appreciate their hard work. Further to this, Jess and I complete all staff interviews personally to make sure that we know everyone that is working for us and displaying our logo.

Remembering your position

While experience and opportunity may have put you in the position of being someone’s boss, that doesn’t mean that you are superior to anyone. Of course, doing what is required by your manager is important, especially with regards to public safety and licensing. However, we find that mutual respect and appreciation goes much further to ensure the job is done right. Our managers are all expected to work collaboratively and fairly with their bar teams.


If you feel the same way about staff welfare, then please visit our website for more information and ways to get in touch.


Matt the Viking

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